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Here we have condolence quotes and messages that will help you to show sympathy when your loved ones endure a difficult time.

During the journey of life, people face many difficult times when they lose their family members or loved ones. People in grief need the love and affection from the family members, relatives and from the best friends to mentally and emotionally overcome in these circumstances.

At that time, to show your condolence and sympathy we just need strong and meaningful condolence quotes or sympathy messages and sayings that just express our feeling and kindness in a better way. Because this is the most difficult thing to express your condolences if you have short of right words.

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Condolence Quotes

Condolence Quotes and messages are the best and right words that may express your emotions perfectly. So below our collection of uplifting condolence quotes, messages and sayings, and phrases that you can use to convey your sentiments in a meaningful way.

  • “You don’t go around grieving all the time, but grief is still there and will always be.” – Nigella Lawson

  • “Crying won’t necessarily bring them back but it will help you to grieve because you can’t forget the ones you love. However, you can rejoice and make yourself cry again.”

Condolence quotes

  • “You can’t heal from any loss unless you allow yourself to feel hurt.” – Mandy Hale

  • “There is nothing worse than remembering happiness in times of distress” – Dante Alighieri

  • “Our trials, our sorrows, and our griefs make us grow.” – Ericsson Swett Modern

  • “It is much easier to have sympathy with suffering than it is to have sympathy with thought.” Oscar Wilde

  • “When you are sad, you will see your heart again, and you will find that you are crying for what is your happiness.” – Kahlil Gibran

  • “Listen to God with a broken heart. He is not only a doctor who cures it but a father who wipes tears.” Crisis lands

  • “It is true holiness not to desire anything for ourselves and to have deep compassion for others. “Ivan Turgenev

  • “A great soul serves everyone at all times. A great soul never dies. It gathers us again and again. ”- Maya Angelou

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Condolence quotes

  • “Grief is the price we pay for love.” – Queen Elizabeth II

  • “The memory of good people, whom we love, is comforted only when we lose them. “- Demostier

  • “While we are grieving over the loss of our friend, others are happy to meet him behind the scenes.” – John Taylor

  • “There is no sorrow as great as the memory of joy in present grief.” Aeschylus

  • “Remember me and smile, because it is better to forget me and to cry.” – Dr. Seuss

  • “Death Leaves One Suffering No One Can Do Good, Love Leads To Remember No One Can Steal.” – Cardinal Cottage

  • “Singing Like a Bird in the Rain, Let Grateful Memories Live in Distress.” – Robert Lewis

  • “The ones we love and lose are always connected with the heart in eternity.” – Terri Guillemets

  • “When you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know.”

  • “Just a moment you stayed, but how did your footprints affect our hearts.” Dorothy Ferguson

Condolence quotes

  • “What is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness, Stardust or sea-foam, Flower or winged air.” – Thomas Bailey Aldrich

  • “No matter how prepared you think you are for the death of a loved one, it is still a shock, and it still hurts deeply.” – Billy Graham

  • “Your absence passed through me like a thread of needle. Everything I do is sewn with its color. ” W.S. Marvin

  • “Showing sympathy for the suffering of others makes sense, but that does not mean they will treat you.” Benson Bruno

  • “Remember me with smiles and laughter, so I’ll miss you all. If you can remember me with tears, don’t remember me at all. Laura Ingalls

  • “Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is just a distance, and that distance is nothing but the limit of our sight.” Rossiter Worthington

  • “I’m not afraid to die. I’m afraid to say goodbye to you forever. ”- Shannon L. Elder

  • “What we once enjoyed is something we can never lose … All that we deeply love becomes a part of us.” – Helen Keller

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Grief sayings

  • Wishing you peace, the courage to face the days to come and the memories to remain in your heart forever.

  • Indeed, it finds light in the darkness, so when we are distressed, this light is closest to us. ”- Mr. Eckert

  • “Sympathy does not think. It acts. It acts to remove the ceaseless sufferings of the world.“ – Sri Chinmoy

  • “Death is not the greatest loss of life. The greatest loss is the one that dies inside us while we live. “

  • “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They should be felt at heart. Helen Keller

  • “For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.” – William Penn

  • “He who is beloved never dies but passes into other loneliness. “- Thomas Bailey Aldrich

  • “If the people we love are stolen from us, their way of living is to never stop loving them.” – James O’Barr

  • “He, who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man” – Antoine De Saint

condolence messages

  • “We must embrace our pain and burn it as a fuel for the journey.” – Kenji Miyazawa…

  • “Every time your beautiful eyes roll into tears, look up at the sky and there you will see me, smiling at the glorious sky of God.” Inget Chesoni

  • “You don’t get over it, you just get through it. You don’t get by it, because you can’t get around it. It doesn’t ‘get better’; it just gets different. Everyday grief puts on a new face.” Wendy Feireisen

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Sympathy Messages and Sayings

  • We want to express our concern for you and hope you do not hesitate to reach out if you need our help.

  • I hope that God will give you peace and comfort so that you can deal with the pain of loss.

  • I know you’re having a difficult time, but I want you to never forget that I’m here if you ever need me.

sympathy messages

  • Losing one is never easy, but eventually, as time goes on, feelings of sadness subside and it turns into ego and hopes that things are bound to get better.

  • There are so many things that are out of our control and death is one of those things. I hope you can see what it is: peace and tranquility.

  • You may have lost someone today but that does not mean they are gone forever. My grief is for your family and you.

  • Grief is neither a sign of weakness nor a lack of faith. It’s worth the love. Our thoughts and prayers are with you

  • I am reaching out to you, giving you my deepest condolences in the hope of giving you something to hold on to, give you a reason to continue the fight and live.

  • Don’t feel sorry for crying in public, while being an emotional outpost of tears or being ashamed of yourself. Losing someone close can do the worst things for you.

  • While no words can really help you to deal with your loss, just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer.

  • Your family members may be out of your sight, but they will never really go away as long as they remain in your heart.

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sympathy messages

  • I am presenting all your thoughts, my prayers, and all your wishes during this dark phase of your life. I hope you find the light at the end of this tunnel.

  • I will never forget you because you have taught me so many things in life. I hope you’re in a better place now.

  • Death is not the end, it is a new beginning, it signifies change, acceptance, and I hope you receive these things so that you can once again live your life.

  • You will recover from this profound loss of your life. Just keep believing and remembering everything you’ve learned. My grief with you and your family.

  • Hope, believe and pray. Don’t give up on your faith. My condolences go out to all of you.

  • Today, and forever, loving memories can give you peace, comfort, and strength.

  • I hope that your soul and your heart will find solace and peace even as it is happening right now.

  • A special person can never be forgotten but we must begin to leave so that he can rest in peace in the heavens above.

  • It’s horrible to hear about the loss of your family. I express my deepest condolences to your family.

  • May the Lord watch over you and your family and comfort you in times of sorrow and pain.

  • No words can describe the feeling I have right now. I express my condolences to you and your family. Your brother is my best friend and he will always be my best friend no matter what.

  • No tears will be able to bring him back but if you feel the need to cry, my moors will always be waiting for you until you need to use them.

  • Let him be in your heart so that you don’t see him, even though you always know he is there, always watching over you.

  • Loss is never an easy thing to deal with. My grief goes out to you.


These are the best condolence quotes and sympathy messages that we bring for you. You can use these condolence quotes to express your feelings at the suffering of your loved ones. If you have any sympathy sayings then share with us in the comment section. Thanks






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