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About Us


Hi friends,

My name is Ali and I am the founder of Mastquotes. I started my online journey in 2017 but entered in this blogging field in 2018. But due to lack of knowledge, I see many ups and downs in my career. Later, as I improved my research, I start to achieve success in this field. So I start this blog as my part time hobby because I work on my other sites as well.

Mastquotes is a website for all those people who need motivation and inspiration in their life through quotes, for those who love to update their WhatsApp status daily, for those who need awesome and beautiful wishes to send in any moment to their beloved ones and for those who love to read quality books on any topic in their daily life.


Our motive is to provide quality information in any of our category.  We try to provide the best information in the easiest and fastest way which you can use in your daily life on any of your social links.


 What we write about?

  • World leader’s best quotes on different aspects of life.
  • WhatsApp status for daily use on social platforms.
  • Best wishes for every important occasion of life.
  • Best quality books on every topic that you love to read.

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