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There are latest and best Islamic quotes about life that does encourage you in the time of difficulties, sadness, and happiness and every situation.

Life is full of ups and downs that means there are a lot of happy and sad moments we face during our whole life. Islam gives proper guidance about how to overcome the difficulties and how to celebrate the moments of joy and happiness.

Whenever we depressed in our life we need some inspiration and motivation that boost our energy and confidence to tackle the situation. These beautiful Islamic quotes about life help us to face the situation.

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Beautiful Islamic Quotes About Life

There are a lot of Ahadees and verses of Quran but here we collect only the best Islamic quotes about life. You can use these inspirational quotes for life in sharing on your social media links.

  • “You prefer the life of this world. While the hereafter is better & more lasting.”  Al Quran


  • “So when you have made a decision, then put your trust in Allah.”  Al Quran

  • The Prophet SAW said: “Whoever guides someone to goodness will have a similar reward.”

Islamic quotes about life

  • “This life is like a shadow. If you try to catch it, you will never be able to do so. If you turn your back towards it, it has no choice but to follow you.”   Ibn Qayyum

  • “Of the signs that Allah has turned away from a person is that he becomes occupied with that which does not concern him”.  Hassan Al Basri

  • “The world is 3 days: As for yesterday, it has vanished along with all that was in it. As for tomorrow, you may never see it. As for today, it is yours, so work on it.”  Hassan Al Basri

  • “Work for a better life as if you will live forever, and work for a better end as if you will die tomorrow.”  Hazrat Ali R.A

  • “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”

  • “O Allah, Your Mercy I am hopeful for, so do not leave me to myself for the blink of an eye, and put all my affairs in order, there is no god but You.”

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  • “Sometimes the people with the worst past create the best future.”  Umar Bin Khattab R.A

Islamic quotes about life

  • “A person who truly fears his lord hoes not care about others and does not put himself in a position where his religion is at risk.”  Ibn Al jawzee


  • Allah says: “If Allah knows good in your hearts, He will give you better than what was taken from you. “– Quran

  • “Whoever kills an innocent life, it is as if he has killed all of humanity.”  Al-Quran


  • “If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials.” – Sahih Al Bukhari

  • “This world is a bridge and a bridge should not be taken as a home”.  Ibn al Jawzi.


  • “Indeed, Allah does not wrong the people at all, but it is the people who are wronged themselves.”  Al-Quran

  • “Judge yourselves before you are judged. Evaluate yourselves before you are evaluated. And be ready for the greatest investigation, the Day of Judgement.”   Umar Bin Khattab R.A

  • “The days of life pass away like clouds, so do good while you are alive.” Hazrat Ali R.A

inspirational Islamic quotes for life

  • “The heart is the leader of the body, and through the purification of the leader the subjects become purified, and with his corruption they become corrupted.”  Ibn Hajar

  • “Lead such a life that, when you die, the people may mourn you, and while you are alive they long for your company.”  Imam  Ali R.A

  • “Do not detest the misfortunes that befall you, for what you detest may be the cause of your salvation and what you like maybe the cause of your ruin.”  Hassan Al Basri

  • “Allah has created every creature from water. And of them are those that move on their bellies, and of them are those that walk on two legs, and of them are those that walk on four. Allah creates what He wills. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent.”  Al-Quran

  • “A man should say to his soul every morning, “God has given thee twenty-four treasures; take heed lest thou lose anyone of them, for thou wilt is not able to endure the regret that will follow such loss.”   Al-Ghazali

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  • “A person’s tongue can give you the taste of his heart. – Ibn Qayyim”


  • ‘It is better for a man to give a small amount of money as charity during his lifetime than to give a hundred times more at the time of his death.”   Abu Saeed al-Khudri

inspirational Islamic quotes for life

  • “Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it but right is right even if only you are doing it.”

  • “No matter what your physical appearance, when you have kindness in your heart, You’re the most beautiful person in the world.” – Mufti Ismail Menk

  • “There will come a time when holding on to your religion will be like holding burning coal.” – Sunan al-Tirmidhi

  • “Fear Allah because of his punishment. Love Allah because he is full of mercy.”

  • “There is no Islam without unity, no unity without leadership, and no leadership without obedience.” – Umar ibn al-Khattab (RA)


  • “There is nothing good in this world except one of two men: A man who commits a sin and then hastens to erase it by repenting, and a man who strives to do good.”   Ali Ibn Abi Talib

  • “And this worldly life is not but diversion and amusement. And indeed, the home of the Hereafter – that is the [eternal] life, if only they knew. ” Al-Quran

  • “Sell this life for next and you win both of them, sell the next life for this and you lose both of them. ” Hassan Al Basri

inspirational Islamic quotes for life

  • “Some are born virtuous, some become virtuous. To be good by nature is indeed fortunate but to become good is like walking on a double-edged sword; it takes a longer time and is more painful.”  Umera Ahmed

  • “The best house among us is one where an orphan is well treated, and the worst house among us is one where an orphan is badly treated.”  Abu Huraira


  • “Do not be a people without a will of your saying: If others treat well you will also treat well and if they do wrong we will do wrong; but accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and do not do wrong if they do evil.” Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H

  • “Don’t ruin your happiness with worry, and don’t ruin your mind with pessimism. Don’t ruin your success with deception and don’t ruin the optimism of others by destroying it. Don’t ruin your day by looking back at yesterday.”  Ibn Qayyam

  • Invite people to Islam Even Without Words. Did they ask, How? He replied, “With Your Manners”.  Umar Ibn al Khattab

inspirational Islamic quotes for life

  • “When things are too hard to handle, retreat & count your blessings instead.”

  • I said to Allah, “I hate life.” He replied, “Who asked you to love life? Just love me and life will beautiful.”

  • “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

  • “Beauty is nothing if you have a rotten attitude and personality. It’s like a book with a good cover but with a senseless story.”

  • “We can’t help everyone but everyone can help someone.”

  • “When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, then look to those who have been given less.”

  • “Life is more meaningful when our goal is fulfillment rather than gratification.”

  • “When Allah closes doors in your life, it’s for your protection, don’t be impatient.”

  • “Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.”

  • “If Allah is with you never too early who’s against you.”


These are the best Islamic quotes about life that boost your courage and confidence in any type of situation. I hope you like this, if you have beautiful inspirational Islamic quotes for life then write down in the comment section. We will update it in our article soon. Thanks





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