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Here are the best Taurus quotes and sayings, you love to read that represent the behavior and personality of a Taurus person.

Taurus is a very loving, loyal and kind person. If your birthday is between April 22 and May 21 then your zodiac sign is tarsus.

Taurus is very exciting. The great thing about the sign of this horoscope is that he or she does not want to take part in the work to make the dream come true.

Taurus people are all about practical processes and behavioral systems. So they are often criticized for being traditional thinkers. They can’t get out of the box.

They are not big vision people. They are not people who come up with things that don’t exist yet. They’re great with things that are already possible. They’re good at setting goals for existing situations.

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Best Taurus Quotes and Sayings

If your sun sign is Taurus then these Taurus quotes and sayings are revealing the facts for your sign. Our collection of best Taurus quotes and sayings shows you the behavior of Taurus people, although they are very practical, determined respectful, kind and stable.

  • The Taurus has a heart of gold, but they will turn to coal if they see you taking advantage of their kindness.

  • Taurus are single by choice, and they will continue to be till they meet someone that deserves them.

Taurus quotes and sayings

  • Taurus is naturally a wonderful lover and expect to be, as well.

  • Taurus has difficulty expressing himself verbally, but will show his love for you through acts of kindness.

  • Taurus does not seek to be the center of attention, but has a presence that others cannot ignore.

  • When you break the trust of Taurus, they can never forgive you no matter how often they accept your apology.

  • If a Taurus decides to stay with you, they have not decided without thinking about it first.

  • Don’t be fooled when the Taurus is quiet. He’s probably thinking about lunch.

  • Taurus don’t love easily. They like a lot, but rarely love. Once they do love, you’ll never see another love like it.

  • Taurus gets up late every night, regrets it every morning, and then do it again.

  • Taurus seems sluggish, but the truth is they can’t see the importance of certain things so they choose not to.

Taurus quotes and sayings

  • Taurus does not forgive when he is betrayed. In fact, they will probably burn your playground.


  • If you are looking for a strong, stable, loyal and loving partner, look no further than Taurus.

  • There’s nothing a Taurus hates more than countless invading mind games. Stay ahead.

  • Taurus doesn’t hear the gossip. They want to see things and determine the truth for themselves.

  • A Taurus will do anything for their spouse but that does not mean that they will fool you.

  • Taurus is the owner of his goods and is jealous. This includes those with whom they are in a relationship.

  • Taurus doesn’t care if you can talk, they care about if you can walk and be honest in doing so.

  • Taurus is doing more than you should, on things you don’t know.

  • Tours are not lazy. They are spending their time selectively.

  • Give them good food and you will have them with you forever.

Taurus quotes and sayings

  • Taurus usually lets people away too much, but when they sneak in, you don’t know what you are feeling.


  • Taurus will reflect their level of love and upbringing. If you want a gift, do it for your Taurus.

  • There is a dark side to the Taurus, and if you pull it out the result will be either very interesting or very scary.

  • A Taurus will lean backwards to appease you, unless you tell them the first lie.

  • A Taurus listens to all your points without interruption. They want to give you the benefit of the doubt even when they think you may have made a mistake.

  • The Taurus will take forever to get through the menu, and still order the same food.

  • A Taurus will doubt your word but will believe in what you do.

  • When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is inside all of us.  Maria Shriver

  • Although Taurus has a strict morality, they are very open-minded and appreciates the fact that everyone is different.

  • Taurus is a physical creature who really needs human contact to feel connected.

funny taurus quotes and images

  • When two Taurus partners go at it, it’s like watching a fight between an immovable object and an unstoppable force.

  • Like bulls grazing in a pasture, the Taurus is not looking for a fight, but it would be a mistake for anyone to challenge you.

  • Taurus doesn’t want to compromise with anyone, they want to settle down with someone who really makes them feel something.

  • As a Taurus, you keep your anger inside until you have a big explosion of rage.

  • Taurus doesn’t hate and will never try to hurt anyone’s feelings. They should be provoked first.

  • Taurus is sensible and practical when it comes to love, but he is longing for something inside that is magical and romantic.

  • The best way to keep things tidy up with any frustration is to give them space and not try to force them around.

  • Taurus does not handle failure well and will go into depression if they think they are not equal.

funny taurus quotes and images

  • Taurus will say it to your face, not your back.

  • Taurus won’t tell you they love you. They show you by action.

  • Taurus takes critique hard a lot of the time not because they think they’re perfect but because they feel they give their all in every thing they do.

  • A Taurus prioritizes the craziness of a new experience, the convenience of their home.

  • Taurus woman is an umatchable strength when it comes to handling the most serious emotional problems.

  • If Taurus sees something and expresses appreciation for it, you will get a major cool score if you get it as a surprise to them.

  • A Taurus will never allow anyone to talk to them in any way. They have to be very respectful of themselves for being dishonored by someone else.

  • Taurus likes to dominate but not control.

  • Changing the mind of a Taurus is a futile effort, but they will let you keep trying to tire you out.

taurus quotes for Instagram and tumbler

  • Taurus can analyze everything if they are not careful, especially regarding relationships.

  • Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.

  • If their heart speaks, their mind will stop it.

  • Taurus prefers a partner who is clear about their feelings.

  • Taurus is not always serious, he has a stupid side who likes to laugh.

  • Taurus is reliable and will fulfill any promise, but they will do so at their convenience.

  • Taurus needs to maintain a sense of order in his life and may worry when things go chaotic.

taurus quotes for Instagram and tumbler

  • Taurus is a devil and loves to massage and to be in physical contact with his partner.

  • Taurus is intelligent, down to earth, and independent. Don’t try to control anyone, they are their owners.

  • Taurus cares about appearance but doesn’t care what you think of them.

  • Chasing a target, the Taurus is tough and does not stop until they reach it.

  • Taurus is afraid of injury, so they will wait for you to open first.

  • Tell Taurus that they can do nothing and sit and watch them do it.

  • Don’t bother trying to motivate a Taurus to go on: they already are motivated.

  • Taurus attracts a lot of attention, but none of it wants to.

  • Never surprise Taurus with a sudden change in plans. They will not be amused.

  • Only attention a Taurus needs is from the people that matter the most to them.

  • A Taurus will do something unimportant to them just because you told them it couldn’t be done.

taurus quotes for Instagram and tumbler

  • If Taurus sets a goal, they will get it against all odds.

  • Though Taurus are patient with other people, Also they they tend to be impatient with themselves.

  • Taurus is not easily fooled, he used too much logic to fall for anything.

  • Taurus is not committed until he is sure that his lover is right.

  • Taurus does not tolerate being blamed for things they did not do.


These are the best Taurus quotes and sayings that we collect for the sake of your interest. There are many other funny and inspirational Taurus quotes which we cover in our other article. If you like this, feel free to send your friends in your social links.





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