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This is a poor little girl story about Christmas, how a little poor girl faces a dark cold miserable night just before Christmas.

Little girl story about Christmas

There is the beginning of the little poor girl short story before the day of Christmas. It was so cool; It was snowing and almost dark, and the evening, the last evening of the year. In this cold and dark road, a poor girl, bare head, and bare feet walked along the road.


When she left the house she had slippers, it’s true; But what was the point? They were huge slippers that her mother had worn so far; They were huge; And the poor little thing lost them when it ran across the street, as the two vehicles were moving at a frightening pace.

A slipper was nowhere to be found; The second urine had taken her, and he ran with her; He thought it would work on a large scale for a cage when he or she should have a baby someday.

So the little girl kept walking with her bare feet, which were quite red and blue from the cold. He took a lot of matches in an old apron, and he grabbed one of them in his hand. Nobody bought any of them all day long; No one gave him any money.

She’s shaking with hunger and hunger, a great picture of misery, poor little thing!

The snowflakes covered her long fair hair, which fell into the beautiful curls of her throat; But of course, he never thought of her. The candles were shining from all the windows, and it smelled with the aroma of roasted goose, as you know it was New Year’s Eve; Yes, he thought about that.

In a corner made up of two houses, one of which was more advanced than the other, he lowered himself and worked together. His short feet had come close to him, but he became cold and cold, and he did not venture to go home, because he had not sold any matches and could not take any money: he must have received from his father. Will do. The wind was blowing, and in the house, it was very cold, for him he had only a roof through which the air whistled, though the largest cracks were closed with straw and incisions.

His small hands were almost as cold. Oh! A match can give him a world of comfort if he dares to take just one of the dams, pull it against the wall, and warm your fingers with it. He took one out. “Request!” How tired, how sleepy! It was a warm, shining fire, like a candle, as he laid his hands on it: it was a brilliant light. This truth seemed to the little girl as she sat in front of a large iron stove, with a burning bronze foot and a brass necklace on top.

With such a blessed effect, the fire burned; It was very hot. The little girl had already stretched her legs to warm them; However, the little flame went out, the stove disappeared: he had only left-handed items left in the match.

a little girl short story about christmas

He rubbed the wall against another wall: it became shiny and where the wall lay on the wall, the wall became transparent like a curtain, so that he could see the room.

An ice white tablecloth was spread over the table; It had a wonderful porcelain service, and the roasted goose was famously covered with its apple and dried plums. And to see what other capital it was, the goose fell down from the bowl and rolled on the floor with a knife and a fork in his chest, until it came to the poor little girl; When, the match went out and there was nothing behind the dense, cold, wet wall. He lit another match.

Now she was sitting under the best Christmas tree: it was still large, and much more decorated than she had seen through the glass door of the rich merchant’s house.

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Thousands of lights were lit on green branches, and jelly-colored pictures, as he saw in the window of the shop, gazed at him.

The little girl pulled her hand towards them as the match went out. The lights of the Christmas tree lifted higher and higher, he now saw them like stars in heaven; One fell down and the fire became a long trail.

“Someone’s just dead!” The little girl said; For her elderly grandmother, the only person who loved her, and who was no longer, told her that when a star falls, a spirit moves ahead of God.

She wrestled another match against the wall: it was light again and stood in awe with a grandmother, beautiful and bright, soft, and a gesture of love.

“Grandma!” Cried the younger. “Oh, take me with you! At the end of the match you go; you’re like a warm fireplace, like a delicious roasting goose, and disappear like a wonderful Christmas tree!” And he quickly rubbed the whole set of matches against the wall, because he wanted to make sure he kept his grandmother close to him.

And the matches gave such a wonderful light that it was brighter than noon: Never before has a nanny been so beautiful and tall. He took the little girl by his arm, and both flew in shine and joy, very high, so high, and then neither cool nor hunger and anxiety, they were with God.

But in the corner, the cold girl in the morning, the poor little girl, with rosy cheeks and a smiling mouth, leaned against the wall, knocking to death on the last evening of the old year. The hard and sharp children sat there with their matches, one of which was burnt down. “She wanted to warm herself,” People said.

No one had the slightest suspicion of the beautiful things he had seen; No one even dreamed of the glory in which she had entered into a happy New Year with her grandmother.

That’s the end of the little girl’s short story about Christmas. Hope you enjoyed.

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